Kids & Family

Circle Yoga has been offering classes for kids and families since 2003. In fact, the studio was created as a kids yoga studio. It wasn’t long before parents realized that they needed yoga and mindfulness just a much as their kids! In Circle Yoga Kids classes, we combine the highest quality teaching of age-appropriate yoga with the simple practice of mindfulness to stretch and strengthen kids’ bodies while calming and centering their minds.

Check out our programs for kids and families and for adults who want to learn how to teach yoga to kids.CYC New Kids Logo

Our philosophy is to impart mindfulness to kids and teens through the playful use of yoga poses, breath awareness, and relaxation practices. We strive to create a non-competitive environment where each child feels accepted and valued. Kids can take what they learn in Circle Yoga Kids classes out into the world to reduce their stress, fully accept who they are, respect who others are, and enjoy a lifelong love of yoga.

Why is yoga great for kids?

Yoga is a great way for kids to get connected with their bodies. Yoga stretches kids’ bodies and minds, and boosts their confidence. It can help bring active minds into union with active bodies, and can help kids learn to calm both. Kids feel empowered by their ability to learn new poses, stretch into new positions, and stabilize their minds in a non-competitive environment.

Yoga can build stronger bodies, help stretch athletes’ muscles, and make kids more limber. It can teach kids new ways to relax and calm themselves when they feel stressed (which they often do in today’s world).

At Circle Yoga, kids can have fun, stretch their imaginations, play, and relax. For some kids, the yoga studio may be the only non-competitive activity that they engage in all week. Budding Yogis is a respite for kids where they can develop to their fullest physical and mental health and well-being.