Adult Classes

Students can choose from a wide variety of class offerings and teaching styles at Circle Yoga. Because mindfulness is the foundation of what we do, all of our class offerings include mindfulness-based practices to build awareness both on and off the mat. In addition to exploring our class descriptions below, we encourage you look at our teachers’ bios to get a sense of the pacing and dynamics of their classes.

If you would like personalized assistance with identifying a class and/or approach that best fits your needs, please email


Yoga Level 1

Yoga Level 1 students learn the fundamental principles of yoga through basic standing and seated postures and breath awareness. Students who are new to yoga and those who seek to build confidence in their practice can feel comfortable in Level 1 classes. Teachers emphasize respect for each student’s ability, incorporating props and offering modifications so that postures are accessible for all students.

Yoga Level 1-2
Building on the foundation of Level 1 classes, Yoga Level 1-2 includes more postures for the advanced beginner and some preparations for a Level 2 practice. Level 1-2 classes typically emphasize building strength and endurance in postures, refining alignment, and working with more challenging variations on basic postures. Level 1-2 is designed for continuing students who have taken Level 1 classes and who are familiar with basic standing and seated poses. Level 1-2 is not intended for students who are new to yoga.

Yoga Level 2
Yoga Level 2 classes introduce postures and practices for the intermediate to advanced student. These include inversions, such as handstand and forearm balance, and some deeper backbends. Yoga Level 2 is designed for students who are very comfortable in Level 1-2 classes at Circle Yoga, or an equivalent class at another studio, and are ready for a challenging  practice that requires more strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Yoga Level 2-3
Yoga Level 2-3 is the most advanced yoga class currently offered at Circle Yoga. Level 2-3 is designed for students who are comfortable in Level 2 classes at Circle Yoga, or an equivalent class at another studio.  Level 2-3 students continue to build strength and refine alignment in advanced postures.

Gentle Yoga
Gentle Yoga is designed for adults of any age, including seniors and those with minor physical ailments, who prefer a slower paced or more relaxed practice. Students practice beginning yoga postures and work on the principles of body alignment and breath awareness. Teachers provide lots of modifications and use props generously to ensure that poses are accessible for students with extra tight hips, cranky knees, or other minor limitations. Students of all levels are welcome, including those who are new to yoga. Some students choose Gentle Yoga as an introductory class before moving on to Level 1, but many students continue with Gentle Yoga because they prefer the more relaxed pace and approach.

Super Gentle Yoga
Super Gentle Yoga is designed for students with injuries, limited mobility, or other special conditions that requires a slow pace and more individualized attention. Super Gentle students practice yoga using a variety of props, typically including chairs, allowing them to experience the stretching and strengthening benefits of yoga regardless of their current physical condition.

Yoga & Meditation
In this class, students prepare the body and mind for a 15-minute seated meditation by first practicing 45-minutes of yoga asana (physical postures). Experience how the physical practice of yoga supports greater ease in meditation, and that meditation is not about “spacing out,” but about cultivating mental stability, and the ability to sustain concentration and mindfulness. Students will learn to find the most comfortable meditation seat for their own bodies. Suitable for those who practice Gentle Yoga and beyond.

Yoga & Philosophy (Level 1 and Level 1-2)
In addition to offering the basic components of a Yoga-Level 1 or Yoga-Level 1-2 class (see descriptions above), this class incorporates more discussion and exploration of yoga philosophy.

Yoga for Men
Designed with our male students in mind, this class provides a well-rounded yoga practice to build strength, improve flexibility, and reduce stress. Men often struggle with tightness–particularly in the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders–that can lead to injury or weakness. We practice postures to target these tight areas so that you can move with greater strength and ease. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a desk jockey who needs to build more exercise into your week, you’ll enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga with “the guys.”

Yoga for Runners & Cyclists
Yoga for Runners & Cyclists students learn specific yoga postures helpful to some of the muscle groups–hips, quads, hamstrings, and shoulders–that may be overtaxed by running and cycling. This class is for anyone who wants to find greater ease and opening in their hips and hamstrings, shoulders and upper back, and between the pelvis and lower back. Students will also learn to deepen the connection between movement, awareness, and breath.

Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors
This gentle class for women with breast cancer and other cancers includes breathing exercises, slow arm stretches, healing yoga sequences, restorative yoga and balancing work appropriate during and after cancer treatment. We practice in a safe space that encourages and nurtures women from brand new beginners to experienced yoginis undergoing treatment for and in remission from cancer. This is a donation-based class; proceeds will benefit women’s cancer-related organizations. Suggested donation: 10+.

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga classes at Circle Yoga offer moms-to-be the opportunity to relax, build strength and flexibility, and feel more comfortable in their changing bodies. Prenatal Yoga also provides expectant moms with tools that can help them prepare for childbirth and postpartum recovery—including breathing practices, relaxation techniques, and mind/body awareness. Our Prenatal classes are mixed-level (beginners welcome!) and open to women in all stages of pregnancy. If a prenatal student’s due date falls within the current session, we’re happy to prorate registration fees based on the due date.

Postnatal Yoga (see Mini Series for postnatal offerings)
Postnatal Yoga offers a yoga practice that helps mothers strengthen, stretch, relax, and find greater ease in their changing bodies. Students may bring their babies for an experience that incorporates yoga and bonding with the baby, or they can attend on their own. Postnatal Yoga is a wonderful way to connect with other new mothers in an environment where no one worries about a fussy baby, and you can feed and diaper as needed. This class is appropriate for women starting at about 6 weeks postpartum, and we welcome babies 6 weeks to almost crawling.


Flow Level 1-2
Flow yoga, also called vinyasa yoga, is an energizing practice that links one posture to the next using the breath. A Flow class builds heat and awareness in the body through continuous movement. Flow Level 1-2  is appropriate for students who are familiar with basic standing postures and looking for more of a cardiovascular challenge in their practice.  If you are interested in exploring Flow for the first time, or if you’ve like to build more confidence in your Flow practice, we recommend the new Intro to Flow class.

Flow Level 2
Flow Level 2 classes offer more challenging flow sequences, including classical and creatively-adapted sun salutations, backbends, and inversions, such as headstand, handstand, and arm balances. Flow Level 2 is designed for students who are very comfortable in Flow Level 1-2 classes at Circle Yoga, or an equivalent class at another studio, and are ready for a challenging  practice that requires more strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Flow Level 3
Flow Level 3 is the most physically challenging practice we offer. Classes incorporate more complex arm balances and inversions into a vigorous vinyasa flow. This class is designed for students who have a strong Flow Level 2 practice at Circle Yoga, or equivalent, and a regular home practice.


Pilates All Levels
The Pilates All Levels class incorporates the fundamental concepts of Pilates into the classical repertoire at a beginning, intermediate or advanced pace. Students will learn to be more aware of their breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core. We will incorporate various props to enhance and intensify the workout. Class participants will be provided with movement options and modifications to ensure that each person is working safely and at their appropriate level.  With regular attendance, students will experience increased strength, flexibility and stamina. This class is open to both beginning and intermediate Pilates students.

Pilates Basics
Pilates Basics students will learn the fundamental concepts and exercises of the Pilates system as they explore the low-impact mat exercise sequence. This is a mindful, intelligent practice that focuses on proper biomechanics and the breath, while developing core strength, stability, coordination, balance, and focus.  Students learn how to protect themselves from injury and make appropriate adjustments for their own bodies.  Each class builds on what was learned  in the previous class.

Pilates Intermediate
This is a fun, challenging, and faster paced class for intermediate to advanced Pilates students.  Students are expected to know the fundamentals of core body activation and stabilization and be familiar with proper form/alignment and biomechanics.  These concepts will be necessary as we focus on applying them to more advanced traditional Pilates exercises and more contemporary core and body strengthening exercises. Students will develop strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and focus, as they work multiple planes of the body using props. This class is appropriate for students who have completed one session of the Pilates Basics class, or equivalent. Each class builds on what was learned in the previous class.


Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)
In this class, students explore stretching in a unique, specific, safe and focused manner to improve flexibility and strength throughout the body. Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), developed by Aaron Mattes, is a popular technique among various bodywork therapists who treat injury recovery and/or work to enhance flexibility and range of motion and improve the performance in athletes.  AIS can be done on oneself as well as with assistance from an instructor. AIS is excellent for isolating areas in the body that need specific attention. No previous experience is required.

Qigong + Movement for Relaxation
Using Qigong and other body-oriented mindfulness practices, this class is designed to help students learn relaxation techniques and develop the ability to tolerate stress more effectively. Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of gentle exercise, meditation, and stretching to help bring the body into balance, health, and vitality. Mindful movement from other modalities–including various forms of bodywork, Dance Movement Therapy, and the Alexander Technique–are also integrated into this class.