Healthy Walk, Happy Body

Whether you walk for fun or for exercise, or you simply walk to take your head where it needs to go, you walk every day. In this mini series, you will have the opportunity to explore the way you stand and walk, uncovering your individual habits and imbalances. Beginning with your feet and lower legs and progressing to your pelvis, shoulders, neck, and head, you will learn some simple adjustments as well as exercises to strengthen where you are weak and stretch where you are tight. By the end of the series, you can expect to have a more balanced standing posture, healthier alignment in your walking gait, and a happier body to move you through your days.

All Healthy Walk, Happy Body Classes for Fall 2017

No offerings this session.

All Healthy Walk, Happy Body Classes for Winter 2018

Healthy Walk, Happy Body
Mini Series: 2/13 - 3/20; No drop-ins, no makeups.

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