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Supportive Yoga for Larger Bodies

Do you have a large, round, or curvy body? Think yoga isn't for you or struggling to make yoga work for you? Want to learn new ways to support your body in your practice? In this class, you will learn to stretch, strengthen, and build endurance with a yoga practice designed to complement your individual shape. Annie will offer modifications (and enhancements!) as well as detailed instruction on using yoga props for sun salutations, standing poses, back bends, and forward bends. She'll help you explore all the amazing possibilities for your yoga practice with pacing and posture sequences specifically adapted for your body. Brand new beginners and more experienced yogis are welcome! While modifications are given for varying levels of fitness, mobility, injury, and yoga experience, students should expect to transition from the mat (sitting or lying down) to standing two times per class. See Mini Series fees.

All Supportive Yoga for Larger Bodies Classes for Fall 2019

Supportive Yoga for Larger Bodies
Mini Series: 10/30-12/11
Supportive Yoga for Larger Bodies
Mini Series: 11/2-12/14

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