Yoga Level 1-2

Building on the foundation of Level 1 classes, Yoga Level 1-2 includes more postures for the advanced beginner and some preparations for a Level 2 practice. Level 1-2 classes typically emphasize building strength and endurance in postures, refining alignment, and working with more challenging variations on basic postures. Level 1-2 is designed for continuing students who have taken Level 1 classes and who are familiar with basic standing and seated poses. Level 1-2 is not intended for students who are new to yoga.

All Yoga Level 1-2 Classes for Spring 2019

Yoga Level 1-2KristaMondays9:00am-10:15amRegister
Yoga Level 1-2JenniferTuesdays7:00am-8:00amRegister
Yoga Level 1-2LeylaWednesdays10:30am-11:45amRegister
Yoga Level 1-2PhilipWednesdays7:00pm-8:15pmRegister
Yoga Level 1-2
Limited space available.*
Yoga Level 1-2EduardoThursdays6:15pm-7:30pmRegister
Yoga Level 1-2
Anne KFridays9:00am-10:15amRegister
Yoga Level 1-2PhilipSaturdays8:30am-9:45amRegister
Yoga Level 1-2RobSundays9:00am-10:15amRegister

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