July 30th Update:

Because DC has re-imposed mask wearing in indoor spaces because of the Delta variant, Circle Yoga will revert to online only classes for the rest of Summer Session. Through prior surveys of students, we learned that there is little appetite for practicing in person while wearing a mask. We are also concerned about students being able to hear and understand teachers who are masked.

This summer (June 28-Aug 22), we are offering:
  • A full schedule of 50 classes per week via Zoom
  • A full video library with 90 days of classes available to students who register for 2 or more classes per week

Students will continue to use the same CowTinker procedures to sign up for a class, whether in person at the studio or via Zoom.

Livestream Practice

Students who sign up in advance for livestream classes will continue to be able to cancel their reservation up until the class start time.

Please note that we are introducing one change for livestream class reservations this session: students may sign up for specific classes up to 3 weeks in advance. Remember, advance reservations are not required for livestream classes as there are no class size limits.

Learn more about how Zoom classes work.

Video Library

Our video library will continue to be available for students who register for at least 2 classes per week for the Summer Session. The video library includes at least 90 days worth of videos from our most recent classes.

We ask that video library users continue to factor in how many videos they watch before registering for the Summer Session. We pay teachers for video usage by setting aside a percentage of revenue from class registrations for the session, but our technology does not allow us to limit video usage. This means that the number of classes you choose to register for the session has a direct impact on how much we can pay teachers for video usage. When you sign up for the Summer Session, please register for what you expect to use, including your video usage. For our calculations, the value of 2 videos watched is about the same as 1 livestream or in-person class. Therefore, if you plan to take 2 livestream or in-person classes per week and watch an additional 2 videos each week, consider signing up for 3 classes a week instead of 2.

See the video library.


Pricing for the 8-week Summer Session will be consistent with Spring Session fees. With your registration, you’ll have a specific number of class credits to use over the course of 8 weeks (ex. 16 class credits with a 2 class/week registration). These class credits can be used for in-person or livestream participation, and they can be used at any time during the session. So, if you are traveling for 2 weeks and not able to practice with us, you can use all of your classes during the 6 weeks when you are in town. (Or you can take livestream classes with you wherever you go!)

1 class/week registration: $144 (no video library access)

2 class/week registration: $256 (includes unlimited video library access)

3 class/week registration: $360 (includes unlimited video library access)

4 Class Pass: $80 (expires in 30 days)

Drop-in Fee: $22

*A note about COVID-19 vaccines:

Results from our April 2020 survey showed that nearly 90% of Circle Yoga students believed that the studio should require students to be vaccinated. When students sign up for an in-person class this summer, they will receive a confirmation email with a link to verify their vaccination status. We are requiring COVID-19 vaccination for in-person practice because science indicates that vaccination is the best way to end the pandemic and protect family, friends, and the community. We are also requiring it so that our students will feel comfortable practicing in the studio again.