Antoinette Solnik

Antoinette began practicing yoga more than 20 years ago, initially drawn to the vibrant community a yoga practice cultivates as well as the wonderful physical benefits of pranayama and asana. Over the years, yoga has helped her mature spiritually and has been a guide through many life changes, such as her career change to become a nurse.

In addition to teaching at Circle Yoga, Antoinette teaches regularly near her home in Bethesda and at the Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital where she is a registered nurse. Her studies include Yoga Therapy for Cancer and Chronic Illness with Jnani Chapman at the Integral Yoga Academy at the Yogaville Ashram and training in various meditation and mindfulness techniques, such as Peggy HuddlestonÂ’s Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster. Antoinette has years of experience providing hands-on patient care as a registered nurse in cardiology and as a Cancer Nurse Navigator in gynecologic oncology. Recently, she accepted a position as a Patient Experience Nurse Specialist at Sibley, where she trains other nurses in Relationship Based Care: care for self, for others and for patients. She incorporates integrative holistic techniques with conventional methods of healing and palliative care for patients, students, colleagues, family, friends, and herself.

What to expect in class:
Feel light and having fun! We will gently move through poses using assistive props (e.g. block, straps, chairs) that help promote accessibility and safety with a focus on body awareness, stability and strength, toning lesser used muscle groups and the pelvic floor. I want you to leave class feeling alive with possibility, toward being awake to what comes up in your body, feeling good, happy and wanting to return to this beautiful yoga community we have created together.

Antoinette's Winter 2020 Classes

Yoga for Women with Cancer Experience
Suggested Donation: $10 minimum.