Bonnie Foote

Bonnie began her yoga practice in her late 20s after a long-lasting knee injury had her on and off crutches for several years. She completed her 200-hour training at YogaWorks in Santa Monica while she was working as a lecturer in English Literature at UCLA, and she completed the 500-hour with YogaWorks after she decided to switch careers to full-time yoga teaching. Only her cousin could make sense of the switch: "You used to tie people's minds into pretzels. Now you tie their bodies into pretzels. Same difference." She hopes that her students enjoy pretzeling of both varieties in her intensely focused but encouraging classes. Bonnie also teaches the Taoist KUNLUN System created by Max Christensen, and she travels regularly to study with him.

What to expect in class
Bonnie's classes are carefully sequenced, from a gentle warmup with focus on breath and alignment to stronger poses that put the same principles into action. She suggests props and modifications to keep optimal alignment in each pose, and she pays close attention to each student as an individual. Despite all the detail, she does encourage a light-hearted approach, and she usually allows for a fairly long Savasana (resting pose) at the end.