Camille Martone

Camille is a certified Next Generation Yoga teacher and has practiced yoga for many years in traditional and nontraditional methods. Camille loves working with kids and has been a volunteer in her children’s schools for years teaching art, architecture, science, and yoga. Through her yoga teaching, she hopes to encourage kids to become more self-confident and comfortable in their bodies, as well as feel stronger and more flexible. In addition, Camille hopes to encourage good nutrition and to inspire young yogis to know that eating right can positively affect the union of body and mind, because what you put in your body is also part of who you are.

Camille has been working in the fitness field for over sixteen years, with AFFA and CPR certification, teaching adults in aerobics, water aerobics, pre and post natal exercise, and teaching gymnastics to children ages 3-6. She has a degree in Architecture and worked in the field for ten years before happily retiring to have her four children. On any given day you can find Camille at home learning yoga postures from her four year old who knows them all, and some!