Delores Simmons

When Delores attended her first Pilates class, she thought it was going to be a stretching class and was pleasantly surprised when the class challenged both her flexibility and core strength. At the urging of her instructor, Delores became certified to teach Pilates in 2005; thus, beginning a journey that has evolved into a love of teaching fitness classes, including Pilates, Barre, Strength, and BodyPump. Delores was also pleasantly surprised by the journey she experienced during her recent yoga teacher training. Initially approaching the training as another fitness certification to add to her resume, Delores quickly experienced the monumental psychological benefits that can result from a regular yoga practice. As a certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor (RYT-200), she incorporates mindfulness and wellness principles into her classes. Her students often comment on the way in which Delores safely challenges them to test their limits, but simultaneously encourages them to listen to their bodies and find the balance between Sthira (steadiness or strength) and Sukha (comfort or ease).