Diana Zotos Florio

Diana is a licensed physical therapist and certified yoga teacher based in New York. In addition to her private practice, she co-founded the Threes Physiyoga Method, which is taught and used around the country. She has also been an adjunct professor and researcher at Hunter College and Columbia University.

As a physical therapist, Diana’s approach is to look broadly at the whole body and rehabilitate through a combination of physical repetition, postural alignment and mental cueing. Ultimately, her strategy is to get to the root of the cause of injury: the “why” as opposed to the “fix”.

As a yoga instructor, Diana has found that the teachings of mindfulness and breath provide the perfect foundation for facilitating her “re-training” approach to therapy. Adapting vinyasa style yoga postures to physical therapy treatment programs is central to her philosophy of yoga infused physical therapy.

Diana's Winter 2020 Classes

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