Eduardo G Guedez

Eduardo has been practicing Hatha yoga since 1994 and teaching since 2007. He's a registered yoga teacher at the 500-RYT level. Initiated into the Sri Vidya lineage of Swami Rama of the Himalayas, he's most inspired by his master teachers Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and Yogarupa Rod Stryker (ParaYoga). His teaching approach is grounded in the biomechanics of alignment, Ayurveda and yoga philosophy, as they apply to the current challenges of modern living. Eduardo holds a Master Degree in Computer Science from George Mason University and maintains an ever-demanding corporate job that helps him relate to "left-brained," more logic-based students who are combining their analytical view with a heart oriented practice. Eduardo is also co-director of StoneSong Awareness & Nature Center where he leads retreats that integrate yoga, meditation and outdoor adventuring (hiking, kayaking) in the Allegany Mountains of Western Maryland.

What to expect in class
Eduardo designs his classes with typical urban dwellers in mind: those who spend hours at a time sitting at their desks and commuting, as well as those who have other fitness interests like running, cycling--or mowing the lawn and shoveling snow. You'll hear Eduardo talk about equations, geometry, and mechanics in a way that your long forgotten nine grade math will finally make sense in your bones and joints. With each class, Eduardo's students cultivate a felt sense of alignment, efficacy of movement, mental ease, and that sweet spot known as the "sacred pause" where we draw from our inherent intelligence and exercise our ability to skillfully respond non-reactively to whatever comes up at work, at life.

Eduardo's Summer 2019 Classes

Yoga Level 2
Limited space available.*
Yoga Level 1-2Wednesdays7:00pm-8:15pm