Erika Newell

Erika Newell didn't grow up feeling that her body was particularly strong, graceful or coordinated. She mostly just wished that this part of her was thinner or that that part was curvier, and prayed that no one would notice how far her ribs stuck out. After undergoing a bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer at age 31, she decided to get real with herself and face her body. It was yoga that facilitated that process. During a Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors class, Erika was surprised to find that she actually started to feel pretty darn good about herself in those moments of stretching and releasing, opening and folding. She began to dream that someday she would be able to share that delightful feeling of discovering one's vitality through yoga with other women who have been affected by cancer.

Erika became a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2012 after training with Neva Ingalls. After that, she completed her Y4C training with Tari Prinster (right here at Circle Yoga!) With a newfound confidence and love of her body, Erika soon started working out with weights and even performed in a modern dance recital! Recently she became a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is training for certifications in Natural Movement and Russian Style Kettlebell.

In addition to working with women cancer survivors, Erika teaches Relaxation and Yoga for Teens. She takes great pleasure in giving teens an experience she wishes she could have had when she was young. Her goal for students is to realize that they have so many tools, from the breath to the asana to the philosophy, to feel at ease in their bodies.

What to expect in class:
Erika’s yoga style is influenced by many different mind/body/exercise techniques including Natural Movement, Functional Movement, Thai Yoga Therapy, and Feldenkrais. She believes that movement is freedom, and we must exercise this freedom to feel and be at our best. She always includes breath work and meditation in her classes. Expect very little music, but lots of smiles, and come prepared to move mindfully on a deep journey inward.

Erika's Fall 2018 Classes

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