Jennifer Pendleton

Jennifer began her yoga journey in 1997, and found it blossoming through a vinyasa flow practice during a time of transition away from her background in ballet. Since then she has continued to explore a variety of styles of practice, and was inspired to pursue her RYT-200 certification after discovering the joy of sharing her practice with rural Moroccan women and youth while serving in the Peace Corps. Jennifer is grateful for the gifts of her practice, working off the mat to support women's rights and empowerment programs, and now cultivating santosha and remembering to breathe in the dance studio as well.

What to expect in class
Jennifer's classes offer a creative flow that can be both challenging and gentle. To a mellow pop, world, and new age soundtrack, students are encouraged simply to enjoy their journey on the mat, to release expectations, and when obstacles and challenging poses arise, to find new pathways to empower the mind and body. Come prepared to explore the interplay of alignment, balance, breath, and surrender to cultivate a sense of steadiness and strength that can ground us amidst the stresses of modern life.