Lindsey Uhrig

Lindsey was introduced to yoga in 2006 as a form of emotional healing. She distinctly remembers weeping and sweating at the same time and being all together confused and entranced. Lindsey uses her classes as a platform for deeper meditation, both seated and moving, and sees public yoga classes as an engaging and safe way to explore different aspects of the overall practice. For Lindsey, yoga is a conduit for divine energy and connection with all beings but students are encouraged to find their own definitions of practice and to constantly inquire into their experiences.

Having worked for a number of years in women's health abroad and locally, Lindsey eventually understood the safe space of group yoga classes as a space to explore the cycles of the female form and she hopes her prenatal class will give students a chance to connect with their journey, their growing baby and each other. Lindsey currently works as a full-spectrum doula and a certified birth educator serving families in the DC area. When she's not at a birth or on her yoga mat, Lindsey enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and sitting still.

Lindsey's Fall 2017 Classes

Prenatal Yoga
Mini Series: 11/5 - 12/17

Lindsey's Winter 2018 Classes

No offerings this session.