Marie Sheppard

Join Marie for Yoga and Mindfulness for Caregivers: Caring for Ourselves as We Care for Aging Parents on Saturday, Feb. 1.

Marie Sheppard is a long-time mindfulness and Focusing practitioner who is passionate about sharing these practices in ways that help people make concrete and lasting improvements to their lives. Her passion for teaching these awareness practices was first kindled by the benefits that she experienced in her professional and personal life, and now, twenty years later, is fueled by the profound changes she has witnessed in the lives of her students, colleagues and clients.

Marie began practicing mindfulness while pregnant with her second child (now in university) and went on to co-lead a mindful parenting group, write stories that help young children be with difficult emotions and support the growth of a mindfulness community. She practices in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and received the Dharma name, Joyful Path of the Heart, from him in 2003.

After a career in international development, including six years living in Zambia with her family, Marie began her next chapter: teaching mindfulness and Focusing as well as working as a Focusing guide. Marie has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Certificate in Inner Relationship Focusing from the Focusing Institute. She taught Focusing Level One in the fall of 2019, the Year of Mindfulness and Focusing in 2018-19, Co-Taught the Year of Mindfulness from 2016-2018 and chairs the Board of the Opening Heart Mindfulness Community, which meets three times a week at Circle Yoga. Marie loves to be outdoors and lives on a farm in Dickerson, Maryland with a family of people, dogs, cats, horses and chickens.