Marie Sheppard

Marie Sheppard is a long-time mindfulness practitioner, both at work—helping people to reduce poverty, with a focus on Africa—and with her family at home. She began practicing while pregnant with her second child, and went on to co-lead a mindful parenting group and write stories to help young children be with difficult emotions. Her intense passion in her professional life made her increasingly aware that work without sufficient self-care takes a physical and emotional toll, often resulting in burnout. Today, Marie’s practice and teaching of mindfulness is woven from the wool of "being" vs. “doing.” A citizen of New Zealand, England, and the USA, Marie feels at home in several countries, including Zambia, where she lived for six years. Marie has an MBA from Harvard Business School and weaves mindfulness into her decades of experience in leadership and international development. She is particularly interested in how vulnerability and mindfulness affect how people and organizations learn. She Chairs the Board of the Opening Heart Mindfulness Community and co-taught Year of Mindfulness at Circle Yoga in 2016-17. Marie loves to be outdoors and recently moved to a farm in Dickerson, Maryland, where she lives with her family of people, dogs, cats, and—soon—horses and chickens.

Marie's Spring 2019 Classes

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Marie's Summer 2019 Classes

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