Mercedes Santos

Mercedes Santos began practicing yoga over 25 years ago and is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 200-hour level. Mercedes teaches Hatha yoga that is primarily a blend of Iyengar and Classical Ashtanga styles, spiced up with some Vinyasa (flow).

Mercedes brings her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to her teaching. She is keen on yoga therapeutics and believes yoga is a practice that can be made accessible to everyone. She enjoys sharing with older students the many benefits that yoga has to offer. Her focus on alignment and yoga therapeutics contribute to her interest and development of yoga programs for a variety of age-related conditions.

Mercedes especially enjoys teaching the physical practice (asanas) as a pathway to concentration and meditation. She encourages students to explore how their body, breath and mind work together to cultivate a focused awareness that leads to the release of muscle tension and psychological resistance.

What to expect in class
In Mercedes' classes students can expect to move their entire bodies through a range of motion with a focus on balancing and harmonizing the physical and mental energies. Her instructions, which include the use of props and options for modifications, are clear and detailed, with an emphasis on proper alignment and nuanced body/breath awareness. Mercedes' classes have a feeling of "flow" as she teaches with an emphasis on directing the breath to create smooth transitions and a steady deepening into the poses. In her classes, students often experience greater strength, flexibility and peace of mind than they expected.