Robyn Greenhouse

Robyn began her yoga practice to add calm to a house of 3 kids, 2 dogs and 1 husband. As the kids have grown and begin to leave the house, yoga has stayed (as has her husband!) Robyn loves the physical aspects of yoga and values the calmness the practice brings to her mind. She began her yoga teacher training here at Circle Yoga through the Budding Yogis training. After teaching children's classes, she then completed her 200-hour Teacher Training at Yoga District in DC. After pouring through yoga books and taking many online and in-person trainings, Robyn continues to explore and learn through her yoga practice. In her classes, she hopes that you too will experience the joy of yoga as you move through your poses, connect with your breath, even find some laughter in class and carry the joy you find on your mat into your day.

Robyn's Winter 2018 Classes

Yoga Level 1-2Saturdays8:30am-9:45am