300 Hour Teacher Training


300HR Circle Yoga Teacher Training

The 300HR CYTT is on hiatus in 2021-2022. Stay tuned for future training dates. Questions about Circle Yoga's 300HR training? Email cytt@circleyoga.com.

Whether you’re a newly minted 200-hour grad or a long-time teacher looking to hone specific skills, this advanced 300-hour training will bring new depth, nuance, and confidence to your teaching.

Take the next step. Join a small, dedicated group of peers and a diverse faculty of expert trainers for 18 months of thoughtfully crafted curriculum, with an emphasis on reaching out to a broad range of communities through mindful, welcoming yoga practices.


As trainee in the 300HR Circle Yoga Teacher Training (CYTT300), you'll take a deep dive into five areas of study:

  • Svadhyaya (self-study) — unfold your own truth so you can teach with integrity and compassion
  • Creative asana and sequencing — make sure all bodies can benefit from the practices you offer
  • Advanced anatomy — review 200HR material, delve more into the anatomy of the subtle body from both Western and Eastern perspectives, and better help your students modify their practices for injuries and imbalances
  • Fundamentals of research — learn how to research students' specific wellness goals and concerns as they relate to the yoga practice and how to ethically share what you've learned
  • Mindful outreach — learn best practices for reaching out to underserved communities and participate in service learning at selected sites throughout D.C.
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A 300-hour training can be a powerful experience. At Circle Yoga, we know how to ground that power in a mindful, compassionate, step-by-step approach to deepening your practice and your work as a teacher—and we know and respect that you are truly doing the lion’s share of the work. We hope that you’ll make the choice to give yourself and your students this extraordinary gift.

It's easy to be here. Circle Yoga was founded after 9/11 as a resource for the local community, and the studio’s roots in our neighborhood, in mindfulness, and in children’s yoga have made it into a uniquely welcoming and supportive environment. Our students bring their neighbors, friends, and family members here because they know that almost everyone can find a class to suit their needs.

Graduates of all 200HR programs are welcome to apply. We enjoy and encourage a diversity of teaching styles.

Circle Yoga teachers come from a wide variety of yoga traditions, but our common thread is safe, mindful, compassionate yoga, with an emphasis on self-awareness and the long-term goals of the practice. We’re known for our ability to welcome all students, to offer them a rich and varied experience of yoga, and to help them cultivate their own mindful, sustainable practice.

We can’t wait to share these skills with you in the 300HR Circle Yoga Teacher Training.

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