Happy Hour Yoga
Fri Dec 8

View workshops for monthly Happy Hour Yoga offerings this fall! Enjoy a lighthearted yoga class to shed stress from your work week and start your weekend in a fun and mindful way. After a one-hour practice, we will walk down to the Chevy Chase Lounge to share snacks, drinks, and fun with our Circle Yoga friends. Chevy Chase Lounge, located 3 blocks south on Connecticut Avenue, will offer Happy Hour discounts. The Happy Hour yoga class is designed for all levels, but is recommended for students who are comfortable in at least a Yoga Level 1 class. Sorry, make-ups may not be used for this special class.


Date and Time:

Happy Hour — Fri Dec 8 2017, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


$22.00 — Per Person REGISTER NOW