Knees Please!
Sat Feb 23

In this workshop we will look at the unique anatomy of the knee joint as it distributes the weight of the body down to the feet. The knees are pivotal for walking and standing but can be affected by misalignment and tightness in the hips above and the feet below. These patterns of misalignment can, over time, lead to pain and repetitive stress conditions like arthritis, cartilage damage and inflammation.

In our yoga practice, the knees have an opportunity to find a more easeful alignment, but it sometimes takes a little tweaking to find the way out of our routine postural habits. Using yoga poses, corrective exercise, self massage and movement exploration, we will examine our unique knee habits and address tightness or weakness above and below. In this way, we will start to bring our knees back to a more balanced alignment that can alleviate pain and lead to better function.

No yoga experience necessary. Those with diagnosed knee injuries (meniscus tears, arthritis, ligament tears, tendonitis, etc.) are welcome to attend as long as you are cleared by your medical professional.


Date and Time:

Knees Please! — Sat Feb 23 2019, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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