Mindfulness for Caregivers:
Caring for Ourselves as We Care for Aging Parents
Sat Feb 1

As our parents age and become increasingly infirm, our relationship with them changes. While these changes are inevitable, we are seldom prepared for the transition. Whether it is a sudden crisis or slow deterioration, we often feel responsible for our parent's well-being and become increasingly active in their lives. As our concern and involvement escalates, we have less time and energy for ourselves and can feel depleted. Meanwhile, our parents have their own views about their independence and our level of involvement. The result can be painful, taking a toll on intimacy and connection just when we're wanting it most.

This three-hour workshop is designed for people who are dealing with the joys and challenges of caring for aging parents. Marie Sheppard, Mindfulness and Inner Relationship Focusing instructor, has 20+ years experience of caring for and being cared for by parents in physical and cognitive decline. She will introduce you to some concrete, mindfulness-based tools that can help you:
- Better understand what your parent wants/needs from you
- Engage in ways that feel more supportive to them
- Take better care of yourself throughout the process

Whether you have been caring for aging parents for years or are just beginning on this path, this workshop will provide practices, perspective, and support that can help you find more peace and fulfillment in the years ahead.


Date and Time:

Mindfulness for Caregivers — Sat Feb 1 2020, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


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