SOS: Save Our Shoulders!
Sat Oct 27

Do your shoulders, neck, or back regularly hurt after a long day? Do you feel like you chase your head around all day? Do you have chronic shoulder pain? If so, this workshop will help you explore what habitual movements might be causing trouble and find techniques to realign your shoulders in a more easeful way. We will look at the anatomy of the shoulder girdle, how it connects to our head and our core, and common spots for pain and injury. Then, we will do a practice including yoga poses, corrective exercises, stretches and self-massage that can help bring the shoulders back into their natural balance. This workshop aims to leave your shoulders feeling better and provide you with a few key movements you can work into your day to keep them that way! Appropriate for students of all levels, Gentle Yoga and above.


Date and Time:

SOS — Sat Oct 27 2018, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM


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