Yoga for Art’s Sake
Rescheduled for Sat Feb 2

This event was rescheduled due to weather cancellation on Sunday, Jan. 13.

Join Krista Mason for this special donation-based yoga class to bring art to the students at Plummer Elementary School, a high-need public school in DC. This will be a fun, energizing, and relaxing adult yoga class for all levels, including beginners. All are welcome! Can't make it to class on February 2nd? You can support the cause by making a contribution through this GoFundMe Campaign.

Donations from this class will help provide much needed art supplies for Plummer students. You probably remember artistic experiences from your childhood. Maybe you recall finger painting at an easel, squeezing clay between your fingers, or gluing collage materials onto a sheet of colorful paper? These art experiences are things we'd love to make a reality for the students at Plummer, but they need supplies! Supporting this project will enable the school's art teacher to purchase construction paper, markers, crayons, pastels, modeling clay, scissors, glue, collage materials and so much more!

One hundred percent of Plummer students come from an "economically disadvantaged" background, according to DCPS. Ariel Villano, Circle Yoga's Summer Camp Coordinator and Family Yoga teacher, has been teaching at Plummer for more than 5 years. We created this fundraiser with Ariel when we learned that the school's art room has no budget for supplies, and the teacher gets by with plain white paper and colored pencils.

We can accept cash donations cash or checks (made out to "Plummer Elementary School") at the studio. If you want to donate by credit card, please use the GoFundMe Campaign page.


Date and Time:

Yoga for Art's Sake — Sat Feb 2 2019, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


$0.00 — Please register in advance
Donations accepted at the door