A project of Circle Yoga Cooperative and the Give Back Yoga Foundation

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Circle Yoga Connects (CYConnects) is a project of Circle Yoga Cooperative and the Give Back Yoga Foundation. Our mission is to increase access to yoga and mindfulness practices in the greater Washington DC area, and to make our yoga and mindfulness community as diverse as the city we call home. We do this by:

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  • Offering accessible yoga classes through established organizations that provide services in low-income and historically marginalized neighborhoods;
  • Supporting teachers who are living or working in communities with limited access to yoga and mindfulness; and
  • Providing scholarship support and reduced rates for Circle Yoga offerings to people experiencing financial hardship who want to practice or teach yoga.

You can help bring yoga and mindfulness to communities with limited access.


Since its founding in 2003, Circle Yoga has provided scholarship support to students experiencing financial hardship who want to enroll in trainings, classes, and summer camp at the studio.

Since 2018, Circle Yoga students and friends have joined this effort and contributed more than $50,000 in direct support of the studio’s scholarship and outreach work.

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Share the gift of yoga.

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In 2019, Circle Yoga partnered with the Give Back Yoga Foundation to create Circle Yoga Connects (CYConnects). This project enables us to build our scholarship fund and expand our outreach work in the broader Washington, DC community.  In addition, CYConnects received a $14,000 grant from Lululemon in 2020.

Recent CY Connects community programming includes:

Past partnerships included offering classes at A Wider Circle at Highland Dwellings and Additions in Anacostia and at Solutions in Hometown Connections, an organization that works with immigrant and refugee families in the greater DC area.

CYConnects scholarships support students across all aspects of Circle Yoga programming including through class scholarships, reduced rate classes and workshop rates, summer camp and training scholarships, and more.

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We are grateful to all involved in strengthening the Circle Yoga community and making it a welcoming place for yoga, mindfulness, movement, and connection. Thank you!

Share the gift of yoga.

Circle Yoga Connects is a project of the Give Back Yoga Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3). All contributions made to the Give Back Yoga Foundation in support of Circle Yoga Connects are tax deductible to the donor.