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Summer Camp
on Zoom

For Ages 4 - 12

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Given the upheaval and uncertainty we have all faced in recent months, this is an opportune time to help kids integrate yoga and mindfulness practices into their lives, connect with other kids, and have fun! Because the safety and health of our campers and their families is our primary concern, we have decided go virtual with Circle Yoga Summer Camp this summer.

Your kids won’t be sedentary in front of a screen at Circle Yoga Zoom Camp. They'll enjoy lots of active, mindful movement, active as well as relaxing yoga, and creative games and arts — all of which will engage their brains and their creativity. And they will be inspired to bring more yoga, mindfulness, kindness, and compassion into their lives.

We can't wait to see your kids on Zoom!

2020 Camp Weeks and Registration Fees

If registering siblings, registration for the 2nd child is 20% off. Please email us at to register multiple children.

Ages 6-12
Hours: 9am-12pm
Fees: $315/week
Aug 3-7
Aug 10-14
Aug 17-21
Ages 4-7
Hours: 9am-11am
Fees: $210/week
July 20-24


We have a limited budget to provide partial scholarships for summer camp. Apply here.

This is a camp where kids can be kids—free from competition and pressure. Through yoga and mindfulness-based activities, campers have fun and they learn skills for reducing stress, fully accepting and valuing who they are, and respecting others.

Circle Yoga's Kids and Family classes have been a bright light for students and teachers during our quarantine this spring. We’re excited to spread that joy throughout the summer.

And since we’re on Zoom, kids from anywhere can join us, so tell your friends and family!

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Camp Activities






Story reading and creating

Mindful movement

Mindfulness camp songs

Creating a strong sense of community

Encouraging cooperation and compassion

Making new friends and greeting old camp friends

What Campers Will Need

Child friendly scissors

Glue Stick

Markers, crayons or colored pencils

We will provide some art supplies and will arrange for a no contact pick up at the studio

Out of town campers will be provided a supplies list to purchase

A small treat (such as a small bite of chocolate) for mindful eating on designated day (parents/guardians will be notified in advance)

Snack and Water Breaks

There will be snack and water break for campers each day. A camp staffer will be on screen for these breaks, but we recommend an adult be present, perhaps to spend some outside time with their camper, weather permitting. The timing of these breaks will be included in a pre-camp email to parents/guardians.


Yoga and meditation are on the agenda at mindfulness-focused summer camps

summer camp hands

The Washington Post Express
by Angela Haupt, March 14, 2018

...If mindfulness-oriented camps are gradually becoming more mainstream, Circle Yoga’s Summer Camp was ahead of the trend. The program has been offered for more than 15 years... “Many kids come back for several weeks each summer and return year after year,” instructor Linda Feldman says.

Kids kick off the day coloring mandalas, then sing mindfulness-themed camp songs so popular with families that the studio turned them into a CD. They do a playful yoga session, with moves like “yoga freeze dance,” plus breathing exercises, guided meditation and a foot massage. They have snacks in a Zen garden and free playtime in a local playground, and they spend time silent journaling. “You’d be amazed how they do this for 20 minutes — they love it,” Feldman says. “It gives kids the permission to just find some stillness, ease, creativity and joy.” More

Important Information

Please be sure to follow the links below for important information and requirements for campers and their families, as well as our cancellation and refund policies. If you have questions, please contact the camp director, Linda Feldman, at

Expectations for Camper Behavior
  • As with in person camp, we expect that all students will be respectful and will show kindness through words and actions toward their fellow campers and teachers. 
  • Whether speaking or typing on a keyboard, campers must use only appropriate actions and words.
  • Campers must adhere to the rules the online teacher sets for each week.
  • If camp teachers determine a camper is endangering him or herself or the emotional or physical safety of others, Circle Yoga reserves the right to have said camper withdrawn from camp.  In this circumstance, no refund will be provided.
Parent/Guardian Requirements
  • While we will have an onscreen presence at all times, it is important that an adult be present in your home during camp hours. Our camp staff is both watchful and mindful, but cannot be a replacement for an adult in the home in case of emergency.
  • Your camper will need to have a filled water bottle at all times and a healthy snack for camp each day.
  • Please make certain your camper is in a room that provides enough space to move safely. You don't need a large space, but furniture should be moved to a safe distance.
  • A yoga mat is not required, but your camper may like a blanket or towel to lie on for relaxation and a second blanket or towel as a cover up for savasana.
  • Temperature in your camper's yoga space should be comfortable—not too cool. Remember, they will be moving their bodies a lot during yoga and we don’t want them to overheat either.
  • Your camper should preferably be in a space where she/he will be uninterrupted as much as possible. Campers don't need to be in a closed door room. In fact, we'd prefer the campers not be closed off in a room, but at least in a place in your home that will have limited noise, distractions, and foot traffic.
Cancellation and Refund Policies

Circle Yoga reserves the right to cancel any weekly session of camp due to low registration or extraordinary circumstances. Registrants will be informed of cancellations at least one week prior to the beginning of their registered camp week. In the case that Circle Yoga needs to cancel a week of camp, refunds will be provided in full to registered students.

For 2020 Circle Yoga Summer Camp registrants who need to cancel, refunds are provided, minus a $25 administrative fee, if cancellations are made at least one week in advance of your registered camp start date. Sorry, no refunds after the deadline and no prorated refunds for missed days of camp. Please note that camp registrations cannot be transferred to other campers.



Follow the link below to send a note to our camp director.