Register for the Summer Session!

Register today for Summer Session classes (Jun 24 - Aug 25)! You can still join us for Spring Session classes through June 23 with a Single Drop-in, 4 Class Pass or the 3 for $33 Intro Offer.

Why register?

Registering for classes offers the best value and it can help you build a healthy routine. Registration also comes with flexibility.

As a registered student, you can choose to sign up for 1, 2, 3 or more classes per week. If you register for 1 class per week, you might take 1 class the first week, 2 classes the next week, then skip a week, etc. For the Summer Session, you can use your classes anytime between June 24 and August 25.

Intro Offer

Try 3 classes for $33!

For new students only
Use for in-person or virtual classes

Expires 30 days after purchase

Also, when you register for 2 or more classes per week, you have unlimited access to our video library. The library includes about 90 days worth of our most recent classes.

Sliding Scale Fees

We offer sliding scale fees for the 1 Class Per Week registration option and for select workshops to make Circle Yoga programs more accessible. Choose the rate that best fits your circumstances:


The regular rate that covers the co-op's expenses and keeps us on a sustainable path


A lower rate for people experiencing financial hardship (available with 1 Class Per Week only)

Pay It Forward Rate

The regular rate plus about $5 more per week to help support fellow students and our scholarship program

Class Registration Fees

Summer Session: Jun 24 - Aug 25

1 Class
Per Week

Standard Rate
$180 for 9 classes

Reduced Rate*
$108 for 9 classes

Pay It Forward Rate
$225 for 9 classes

No video access

Jun 24 - Aug 25, 2024

2 Classes
Per Week

Standard Rate
$324 for 18 classes

Pay It Forward Rate
$369 for 18 classes

Includes unlimited
video access

Jun 24 - Aug 25, 2024

3 Classes**
Per Week

Standard Rate
$432 for 27 classes

Pay It Forward Rate
$472.50 for 27 classes

Includes unlimited
video access

Jun 24 - Aug 25, 2024

*  The Reduced Rate is reserved for students experiencing financial hardship. This special rate is available to purchase one time per session per person.

**  If you want to take 3, 4, or more classes per week, choose the 3+ Classes Per Week option on the Register page. Specify the number of classes per week you want, and the total classes and price will be adjusted automatically at checkout.

Drop-In Fees

If you're new to the studio and want to try a class, go for the 3 for $33 Intro Offer! The Single Drop-In Option below is great if you really just want to take a single class or if you can only make it to the studio on occasion.

Single Drop-In


Expires in 30 days
No video library access

4 Class Pass

$92 for 4 classes  |  $23/class

Expires in 45 days
No video library access

More registration details

Scholarships and payment plans

We provide support for individuals who are facing economic hardship and whose financial circumstances may prevent them from participating in programs at Circle Yoga. Priority is given to applicants with identities often underrepresented in mainstream American yoga culture. These include but are not limited to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and people who are disabled, queer/trans, and larger bodied. We can also set up a payment plan when paying in full for a session of classes or a training is not financially feasible.
Apply for a partial scholarship
Contact us to set up a payment plan

Sharing registrations with family members

Family members living in the same household may share a class registration. The fees listed above cover one participant only. Adult family members sharing a registration need to sign up separately for the individual classes they attend. Learn more about shared family registrations.

Family Yoga participation

Family Yoga is a two-participant class. The fees listed above cover one adult/child pair for Family Yoga. This is the only class for which the fee for one class covers two participants. If you have more than two family members participating in a Family Yoga class, those additional family members (children or adults) must sign up separately. For more information and assistance in registering additional participants, contact us.