Warrior 2 Supportive Yoga for Larger Bodies with Michelle

Do you have a large, round, or curvy body? Think yoga isn't for you or struggling to make yoga work for you? Want to learn new ways to support your body in your practice? In Supportive Yoga for Larger Bodies at Circle Yoga in Washington, DC, you will learn to stretch, strengthen, and build endurance with a yoga practice designed to complement your individual shape.

Michelle will help you explore all the amazing possibilities for your yoga practice with pacing, posture sequences, and variations on common poses that are specifically adapted for your body.

Brand new beginners and more experienced yogis are welcome! While variations are offered for varying levels of fitness, mobility, injury, and yoga experience, students should expect to transition from the mat (sitting or lying down) to standing two times per class.

This is a hybrid classes, offered both in person at Circle Yoga and virtually.

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Hear from Supportive Yoga for Larger Bodies students

Supportive Yoga for Larger Bodies

I’ve done lots of different yoga classes in my life and Supportive Yoga for Larger Bodies gave me the tools so that I can navigate any class with greater ease because I learned how to modify poses for my body. The class - and the regulars and newcomers alike - have been a highlight of my week for over six years now. - Caryn

This is a warm and welcoming class that has made it easy to restart a yoga practice, in the body that I have now,  without reservation or self judgment. A unique offering in the DMV as far as I know.  - Zori

Supportive Yoga for Larger Bodies has been a joyful addition to my week! I leave feeling strong and supported both physically and mentally. Michelle creates an environment of safety and true neutrality that is so beneficial to anyone of any size doing the work of unlearning diet culture and appreciating, as she says, "the body you are in today." We embrace props and modifications, and learn to really tune into what our bodies want and need. This class is the most sustainable, rewarding, and continuously enjoyable yoga experience I've had in my 10 years of practice. See you there!  - Rebecca

Rebecca Minerath

Michelle's supportive yoga class is a rare space where we build strength in our bodies and community for our souls. It's a very welcome respite every week from the madness of the world around us. - Kara

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