Vinyasa yoga, also known as flow yoga, involves moving through sequences of poses coordinated with the breath. The focus is on dynamic movement and building strength, flexibility, stamina, and breath awareness. In flow classes at Circle Yoga in Washington, DC, you can expect moderate pacing, explorations of more challenging poses and movements, a non-competitive atmosphere, and practices that cultivate mindful awareness. If you're comfortable in regular Yoga Level 1-2 classes and you're interested in exploring a more vigorous practice, we encourage you to give flow yoga a try!

Liz in Low Lunge Vinyasa Yoga

Flow Level 2

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In Flow Level 2 classes, students work with more complex standing pose sequences and explore the subtler actions of the postures for better alignment. Students will also explore inversions, such as headstand and handstand, and arm balances, such as crow pose.

Students should be very comfortable in Yoga Level 1-2 or Flow Level 1-2 classes before taking Flow Level 2 classes. Flow Level 2 is not appropriate for students who are new to yoga.

Claire in skandasana in the Zen garden

Flow Level 2-3

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In Flow Level 2-3 classes, students explore more challenging variations of standing and balance pose sequences than in Flow Level 2 and will explore different transitions between postures. Students will also be introduced to more challenging inversions and arm balances.

Students should be very comfortable in Flow Level 2 classes before taking Flow Level 2-3 classes.

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