We'd love to see you live and in person!

...but before attending in-person classes at Circle Yoga, please be sure to read the in-studio practice protocols and cancellation policies below.

Alice Level 2-3 with masks square

Of the 50 classes on our current schedule, more than 30 are hybrid, which means that students can join online or in person. Simply look for classes with both IN-PERSON and ONLINE buttons on the class schedule.

In-studio practice protocols

These in-studio practice protocols and policies have been developed with the health, safety, and comfort of our community as the highest priority.

Mask requirements

Masks are now fully optional for students, staff, and teachers at Circle Yoga. The only exception at this time is for prenatal/postnatal classes, where masks are still required.

Vaccination requirements

Students ages 12 and up attending in-person classes are required to be fully vaccinated, and booster shots are required students ages 16 and older (as they are eligible). Before coming to class, please complete the vaccination form and send a photo of your vaccination card to us at support@circleyoga.com.

Stay home if you're sick

Students, teachers, or staff should not come to the studio if they are coughing, sniffling, or sneezing, or if they have a fever or have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms within the previous 48 hours.


The Pharmacy studio is equipped with an ERV air exchanger, which brings outside air in and pushes inside air out without having to open windows. For ventilation in Studios 2 and 3, windows can be opened as needed.

Air filtration

All studios are equipped with air filtration units, including certified HEPA filters.

Smaller class sizes

For adult classes this spring, in-studio attendance will be capped at 12 students in the Pharmacy, 10 students in Studio 2, and 8 students in Studio 3. For kids and families, the cap is 14 in the Pharmacy.

Tips for in-studio practice
  • Advance reservation is required for in-person classes. Students can reserve space for any class up to 6 weeks in advance.
  • After a student reserves space in an in-person class, they will receive a confirmation email with a new link to verify their vaccination status.
  • Students are advised to bring their own props, but studio props are available for use.
  • Students are welcome to attend a combination of in-person classes and livestream classes. Your class credits—as a registrant, drop-in student, 4 class pass holder, or 3 for $33 student—can be used for either type of class. Simply sign in via CowTinker for the “Online” or “In Studio” option.
Cancellation policies for in-studio classes

With COVID-19 protocols in place, space is very limited for in-person classes. To ensure that our studio space is not wasted, we ask students to always cancel reservations for classes they cannot attend. The following cancellation policies apply to in-studio class reservations:

  • For cancellations made at least 2 hours in advance of the class start time, the student retains their class credit to use at a later date.
  • For cancellations made within less than 2 hours of the class start time, the student will be billed a late cancellation fee of $10 but will retain their class credit to use at a later date.
  • If a student does not cancel an in-person class reservation and does not attend the class, the class credit will be deducted from their account. If this occurs more than three times during a single session, students will also be assessed a $10 no-show fee for each class beginning with the fourth missed class.


Waitlist procedures for in-person classes

When an in-person class is full, you can choose to join the waitlist by clicking the WAITLIST button on the class schedule. Once you have added your name to the waitlist, you are on standby to take the class, and you'll be notified by email and/or text if space opens up.

Here's how the waitlist works:

  • Joining the waitlist commits you to taking the class if space becomes available, unless you actively remove yourself from the list. If you no longer want to take the class, log into your account to remove your name from the waitlist.
  • If you are the first person on the waitlist and a space becomes available, the system will automatically move you into the class and will send you an email notification, as well as a text notification (if you have an updated cell phone number on your account).
  • If you are pulled from the waitlist but are no longer available to take the space, follow the directions in the email or text notification to remove yourself from the class, or contact us. If you are not able to come to class and we do not hear from you, the class credit will be deducted from your account.
  • We close the waitlist 60 minutes before the class start time, which gives you at least 60 minutes to get to class if space opens up.
Livestream classes

Advance reservations are never required for livestream classes as there are no class size limits. Students who do sign up in advance for livestream classes can cancel their reservation up until the class start time. Students may sign up for specific livestream classes up to 6 weeks in advance.

Learn more about how online classes work.

Video Library

Our video library is available for students who register for at least 2 classes per week for the current session. The video library includes at least 90 days worth of videos from our most recent classes.

We ask that video library users continue to factor in how many videos they watch before registering for the Fall Session. We pay teachers for video usage by setting aside a percentage of revenue from class registrations for the session, but our technology does not allow us to limit video usage. This means that the number of classes you choose to register for the session has a direct impact on how much we can pay teachers for video usage. When you sign up for the current session, please register for what you expect to use, including your video usage. For our calculations, the value of 2 videos watched is about the same as 1 livestream or in-person class. Therefore, if you plan to take 2 livestream or in-person classes per week and watch an additional 2 videos each week, consider signing up for 3 classes a week instead of 2.

See the video library.