Dear Friends,

February is the month of Love. With Valentine’s Day on February 14, we often think about the people that we love the most, and we honor our relationships with them by giving gifts, and telling them how much they mean to us. I enjoy this tradition very much. I hope that all of you have a chance to honor someone that you love, whether it’s a friend, a family member, a teacher, or a life partner.

What we don’t often think about during valentine season, is honoring our relationship with the one most dear to us — ourselves. In our culture, honoring and loving ourselves is usually regarded as selfish and egocentric. In reality, taking care of our own energies — physical, spiritual, and emotional, actually makes us more whole and more able to open our hearts to others. This is a benefit to all beings, and a gift to the world.

Have you ever listened to your own emotions the way you would listen to your beloved sharing his/her feelings? Have you ever cared for your own body, the way you would for a sick child? Have you ever prioritized your own self-care because you know that it will benefit all of your loved ones? If we see that every one of us is interrelated, then loving and caring for our own energy translates directly into caring for all other beings.

This month, why not set your intention to treat yourself with the same love and compassion that you would treat your special valentine. Feed yourself the most wholesome and delicious food you can, bathe yourself gently and slowly, take time to stretch and move your body in the ways that feel wonderful to you, rest when you feel the need, and embrace your own strong emotions as precious gifts from your deepest self. Ask yourself each day, “How are you feeling today? What would make life more wonderful for you today?” and then see if you can offer what you need to yourself. Your loved ones will benefit and so will all of the rest of us.

Love to you,


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