Dear Friends,

It is snowing outside as I write this, after several weeks of warmer weather. Just as spring appears to be on its way, Nature seems to be reminding us never to take her (or anyone) for granted, and to plan only for the unexpected. Yoga can help us do this, by reminding us not to dwell on the past or anticipate the future, but instead to bring our focus, and breath back to the present moment, where true peace and joy can be found.

This month, Circle Yoga is offering Creating a Peaceful Home, an exciting new workshop in partnership with Mitchell Ratner of the Still Water Mindfulness Practice Center on Sunday, March 6, at the Circle Yoga studio in Northwest DC. Too often in life, we focus on our deadlines, but not our priorities. Our Creating a Peaceful Home workshop is designed to redress this imbalance, by helping participants figure out their deepest aspirations for home and family life, and providing them with the practical techniques to implement them. Through the application of mindful meditation techniques, and the creation of daily reminders, we will learn how to:

  • carve out physical spaces for stillness
  • practice individual and family calming techniques
  • eat together in mindfulness
  • share family rituals that nurture stillness, respect and caring

We will end by creating gathas – short mindfulness poems – to remind us of our deep intentions and the actions we can take in specific situations to fulfill them in our everyday lives.

On another note, Tummy Time Yoga at the Circle Yoga/Budding Yogis studio on Sunday, March 13 will help Moms and Dads explore yoga moves that stimulate development, enhance bonding and allow parents to experience the joy of sharing their baby’s milestones during that all important first year of life.

Lastly, registration for the Budding Yogis’ summer Yoga Camp, and Mindful Learning Camp is currently underway. Both camps are fabulous opportunities for your child to really learn and practice mindfulness and yoga as well as learn other skills. To find out more about our summer camp, workshops, and regular classes, go to for kids, and for adults.

Lots of warmth to you,


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