Dear Friends,

Welcome to March. I have been thinking about this quote by Wallace Stevens a lot lately, especially as I take my daily walk through Rock Creek Park. Although I don’t usually walk around a lake, I do cross the Pinehurst branch of Rock Creek at least twice during my walks. This winter was the first time that I have seen the Pinehurst branch frozen solid, enough that I could walk right across the creek in several places. I found so much joy each morning in discovering the state of frozen-ness, and trying to find places to walk across the ice where my feet wouldn’t crack through and soak my shoes. One morning, I was overjoyed to discover one crossing where the creek had frozen over with snow on top, to the point where it was completely disguised as land, and I could walk straight over it with the secret knowledge that I was walking over a living body of water. I loved that!

I find that these daily interactions with nature help me sustain my mindfulness by cooling the intensity of my rational mind. They allow me to access a softer, richer awareness without being distracted by thoughts. As I write this, big soft flakes of snow are falling outside my window, and each time I look up from my work, my mind is soothed and I can feel my breath again. I reconnect to the world outside of my brain. That’s why I walk in silence outdoors each morning, to reset my mindfulness and to come back to myself.

I hope that as spring returns to us, you will find time to be outside in nature daily, and to join with us for a class or two to celebrate the arrival of spring through the mindful practice of yoga. In yoga we return to nature by joyfully connecting with our own bodies.

Breathing with you.


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