Dear Friends,

With the cold weather moving in, all I want to do is stay snuggled under the covers in the morning. I feel gravity pulling me down into the warmth. This time of year, I find that I turn inward more, becoming more introspective. I start to prepare myself for the coming cold by drawing in to my own agni, my internal fire.

How do we keep our inner fire burning brightly, even in the winter? Eating warm foods, getting enough rest, and a daily yoga practice. Ayurveda, the ancient yoga healing art, recommends a daily self-massage before a warm bath or shower at this time of year. Natural nutritionists recommend eating lots of cooked roots, sweet squashes, and soups in the Fall. While in your yoga classes this month, allow your focus to turn inward, finding a softness and stillness within your postures. Within the stillness, you may find your inner strength and beauty, your buddha-nature, the fire that burns up your afflictions…. and you may not. Whatever you find is just as it should be.

Enjoy your journey.


Circle Yoga
It’s easy to Be here

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