Circle Yoga is offering a robust daily schedule of online classes until we can practice together at the studio again. See FAQs below for details about your Zoom class access. If your questions aren't answered here, email us at

Zoom FAQs for Fall Session A

Can I share classes with household family members?

Yes, household family members can share a Zoom class registration. Family members who live outside your household are not eligible to share your registration.

When 2 people in your household share a registration to participate in a single Zoom class, this counts as 2 classes.

If 2 people in your household are participating in a single class, please be sure to enter both participants' names when signing up for the class through Zoom. Our teachers are paid based on the number of students who participate in their Zoom classes, so it's important that attendance for each participating student is recorded.

See this page for a sample of how you can sign two participants in for one Zoom class.

How do I access recorded classes?

Please note recorded classes are for registered students and their household family members only. Please do not share recorded classes with people outside your household. 

We are committed to providing a well-rounded selection of newly recorded classes each week. The process of downloading, editing, and uploading new classes takes staff time and financial resources—we are not able to share all recordings. We post recordings from about half of our live classes each week. Also, it may take up to 5-7 days after a live class takes place before the recorded version is available.

Details about accessing recorded classes, including a password, are included in our daily Zoom emails. The password changes each Sunday afternoon.

Recorded classes are not available for drop-in or class bundle students.

How many Zoom classes can I take as a registered student?

Depending on the registration level you select, you have access to 2, 4, or 6 Zoom classes per week. If you miss classes one week, you are welcome to "make up" those classes in the following weeks, through the last day of the session.

Registered students also have access to recorded classes, which you can take at your convenience. See daily Zoom emails for link and password.

How do I sign up for the Zoom classes I want to take from week to week?

Registered students will continue to receive live class links to all Zoom classes each day. When you sign into the specific Zoom class you want to take, you will be asked to "register" by entering your name and email address. Circle Yoga will then have an attendance list for students who actually attended each class. If you are taking the class with a family member, be sure to enter both family member names when you register for the class in Zoom.

Class bundle and drop-in students will sign up for the specific classes they want to take here at least 1 hour in advance of the scheduled class start time. These students will receive an email with the Zoom link and password for their specific class (at least 1 hour before class begins).

Can I drop in for Zoom classes?

Yes, drop-in students can join us for $18 (plus tax) per class. We also offer a 4 Zoom Class Bundle for $65 (plus tax), or the 3 for $33 offer for new students only. See the Fees and Registration page for more detail.

Please note that drop-ins must be purchased at least one hour before class is scheduled to begin. We send Zoom links and passwords to drop-in students about one hour before the scheduled class start time.

How do I use class vouchers or class bundle credits?

If you have credits from a Zoom Class Bundle or a 3 for $33, follow the directions below to access Zoom classes:

Go to this page and log-in to your YogaReg account. Here, you can browse our weekly classes and click “More Info” on the class that you are interested in joining. Click on the date of the class you would like to join and select “Use Credits” and then “Reserve.”

Please note that you can sign up for a class as early as one week in advance, and registration closes one hour before class time. You will receive the Zoom information, including a sign-in link and password, at least one hour before the class begins.

Can I change the Zoom classes I take from week to week?

Yes! If you are registered for 2 classes per week for Fall Session A, you may choose any 2 classes each week. If you miss classes one week, you can take them anytime within the session, which ends October 25.

How will my attendance be tracked?

For registered students, your sign-in to your Zoom class is recorded on an electronic attendance sheet. While we are operating in the Zoom world, you can help us by keeping track of your own class attendance, so that you know how many classes you have remaining rather than sending emails to ask. 🙂

Drop-in and class bundle students must sign up for the specific class they want to take at least 1 hour before the class is scheduled to begin.

Will my class registration benefit my usual teachers?

Whether you are a registrant or you purchase a drop-in or class bundle, your attendance in live Zoom classes directly benefits the teachers with whom you are taking classes.

I've never used Zoom before. How can I get help?
First, use these helpful links:
If you still need help, email us at

How to set up your device for a Zoom class

By now you probably have the hang of setting up your home yoga space, whether it's in your kitchen, a hallway, your living room, your basement or your closet!

You've mastered signing into your Zoom classes, though once in a while you may not realize your audio is on and you're heard talking to your kids, your dog or even yourself!

And now, if you're still trying to figure out how best to set up your device so your teacher can see you, here are a few tips from Linda:

Zoom Screen

1) Before practice begins, be sure that the camera on your device has a view of your mat. Play with tilting the device so that once you move to standing, the teacher will still be able to see a good portion of your body.

2) Take a look at your screen during practice, especially once you've come to standing poses or moved down to the mat. If you can't see the majority of your legs and trunk of the body, take a second to tilt your device if possible.

3) If you're flowing from mat to standing, a good rule of thumb is to be certain there's a good view of your mat — that way, whether you're prone or standing, the teacher will be able to see most of your body.

4) If you have enough space to place your device so your whole body can be seen seated, prone/supine and standing that will work well, but it does mean teachers don't have as close a view — and it may be harder for you to see the screen.

The most important tip to remember is that now more than ever, we all need to be mindful as we practice. Listen to teacher cues, listen to your body's cues and practice safely and joyfully.