Follow these steps join a class, whether in person or online:

Step 1. Check your browser

We highly recommend that you use a web browser other than Safari. If you are using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, you are all set.

Step 2. Know your password

If you have not used Circle Yoga's new registration system and you had an account in our old system (before October 2020), please follow this link to set your password in the new system. If you are new to Circle Yoga and CowTinker, please create a new account. If you have trouble setting or need to reset your password, follow these instructions.

Step 3. Purchase classes

Students can choose to register for 1, 2, or more classes (livestream or in-person) per week. Fees are prorated based on when you sign up during the course of the session. Students registered for 2 or more classes also have full access to our on-demand video library. Follow this link to purchase a registration, 3 for $33 offer for new students, 4 Class Pass, or a Single Drop-in class. Learn more about fees and registration.

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Step 4. Select your classes

Visit the class schedule page to sign up for classes.

IN PERSON: Where it is available, click the IN PERSON button (see #1 above) to attend a class at the studio. Be sure to register in advance and read our protocols and cancellation policies for in-person classes carefully

ONLINE: If you are participating via livestream, click the ONLINE button (see #2 above) to sign up in advance.  Advance sign-up is NOT required for livestream participation. If you are ready to join a livestream class now, click on the small green camera icon (see #3 above) next to the class you want. This takes you right into class.

Step 5. Look for your confirmation email

When you sign up for a class (in person or online), you will receive a confirmation email.

IN PERSON: If you are joining in person, the email confirms the class in which you have space reserved, and it includes information about how to cancel your reservation and cancellation policies.

ONLINE: The email for students joining via livestream will include a link to use to join class. You will also receive a reminder email with the class link about 30 minutes before class begins. If you don't receive the email or can't find it, you can always access your class by clicking on the green camera icon on the class schedule page.

Step 6. When it's time for class...

IN PERSON: Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes early for your in-studio class. You can arrive up to 15 minutes early.

ONLINE: If you reserved your class in advance, you can choose to follow the link from your email confirmation or click on the green camera icon next to your class on the class schedule page. Regardless of how you enter the class, CowTinker will require you to be logged into the system. At about 7 minutes before the scheduled class time, the Zoom meeting will begin. If this doesn't happen automatically, you may need to refresh your screen.

If you need to cancel your reservation

When you have signed up for a class successfully, you will see a red CANCEL button next to that class on the class schedule page. If you need to cancel your reservation, click this button. Students joining in-person classes must cancel at least 2 hours in advance. Students joining virtually can cancel up until the class start time. Learn more about our cancellation policies.


See you in the Zoom room!
See you in the Zoom room!